Tangarart Manifesto


What is the most remarkable memories about your life? What are the unforgettable moments that instantly comes to mind, when you close your eyes?

The graduation ceremony.
The marriage proposal.
The birth of a child.
The first million.

There are moments, fast, often oblique, of diffuse emotion, that make everyday life lighter. They are the magic of life, the enchantment of rendezvous, the celebration of existence.

Finally, celebrating them is what makes us live.

And this is what Tangarart Gemstone Jewelry produces: the symbols of unforgettable moments. The reminiscence that gets materialized, and we offer the beloved ones

If we produce the unforgettable, we have no right to do something common.

That is why each Tangarart jewel is unique, as well as a striking memory. Its impacting strength relies at the natural splendor of a singular gem. As a feeling that is sought all the time, but is kept in the memory.

Finally, if the secret of life are at the unique moments, in the rendezvous, on crying, in the embrace and in love, we produce the celebration of a well-lived-life, with the exclusivity that only nature and its uniqueness is capable of providing.

An Unique B2B Relation

Tangarart is a brand that has exclusive relationships with major jewelers in Brazil and internationally. It is recognized by its customers as an extremely reliable, credible and loyal brand. These are strong adjectives for a market whose reputation is a precious asset, which dictates the position of each player and their possibilities for success and recognition.

It is important, then, to understand that this impression is rooted on the exclusivity given to each partner on each jewel sale; safety regarding the quality of the components; and the understanding that this brand, on national soil, does not intend to rival the final consumer.

Brand Philosophy

In short, what is the aura? It is a singular figure, composed of spatial and temporal elements: the unique appearance of a distant thing, however close it is.
Walter Benjamin. “The Work of Art in the Age of Its Mechanical Reproduction”

Tangarart understands its positioning at the high jewelry market as a producer that reverses the process of making the jewels: we conceptualize them based on the natural and specific characteristics of gemstones, the destination of its most extensive specialty. Thus, each final product is unique, as it reflects characteristics that only time was able to print on each stone, specifically.

Given the fact that the production of jewelry from Tangarart is an unique process, which results on unique jewels, the commitment to our customers also involves a confidence on the exclusivity of each piece delivered. Thus, each jewelry-supply relationship is based on a dynamic that is also unique, exclusive and credible with each of partner.

Tangarart is the result of an unique vision of jewelry work process. We emphasize the natural in each jewel. What’s left is only excess.

Mission, Vision and Values


Offer the international high jewelry market works of excellence, focused on the properties and natural beauty of stones, with a classic and elegant design: gemstone fine jewelry.


Be recognized internationally for crafting unique jewelry, exclusively focused on the potential and quality of each gem.


Use the most critical curation of gemstones, maintaining an exclusive, credible and safe relationship with the market, and delivering a unique and naturally exuberant final product.

Our High Jewelry Pieces

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Our High Jewelry Pieces

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